Formula for winning customers is – Add value

Plans may be worth nothing, but planning is everything

Goals can only be achieved through a plan, there is no other route to success

Know all your customers, not just the one buying your product

Magic will happen when you understand and deliver what customers value

Strategic Solutions for manufacturing companies


UYC – Understand Your Customer – A Key to Improved Business Success

What distinguishes consistently well performing companies to those that are slipping in their business performance? In an increasingly competitive world, companies are finding it d…

Where have all the price driven buyers gone? Products commoditize, Customers don’t

Does your sales organization believe that price is the sole determinant in buying decision of your customers? If so, you are most likely seeing low growth or declining profit margi…

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Business Edge Strategic Solutions offers strategic consulting services for B2B manufacturing companies. This includes strategic planning & implementation, linking strategy to operations and performance management system, new business development and leadership development.

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Business Edge Strategic Solutions provides international quality learning and development solutions to build capability in business strategy, marketing and sales for companies operating in business to business manufacturing industries.


Umesh Sharma is on a mission to serve B2B manufacturing industries to build strategic leadership capability focused on customer value management. The mission is to help companies build and implement sustainable business strategies for profitable growth. Umesh’s core specialties include

  • Organizational vision creation, strategic goal setting, building strategic plan
  • Balanced scorecard, strategic metrics, converting strategy into operations, aligning organization, engaging and building accountability through performance management system
  • Market segmentation and Value propositions based on Customer Value Management
  • Leadership capability development


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A leading chemical multinational company, was operating in undifferentiated – commodity – products where market prices were known and there…