Expertise Offered

We offer functional training (marketing, sales and business strategy) and management consulting services for B2B manufacturing companies. Our services are based on “Customer Value Creation (CVC)”. The CVC approach is based on the belief that in an increasingly competitive world, an intense focus on customers – their needs and what they value – is the key differentiator. CVC is about understanding, delivering and measuring the customers’ needs and values for their prosperity.

Management Consulting


Business Edge Strategic Solutions offers strategic consulting services for B2B manufacturing companies. This includes strategic planning & implementation, linking strategy to operations and performance management system, new business development and leadership development.

How it works?

While the specific approach for a consulting assignment depends on the type of industry and the nature of assignment, there is a generic approach that is followed by Business Edge Strategic Solutions. The approach can be divided into the following steps:

Define: A clear definition of the project is agreed with the client. Desired outcomes, broad approach for the assignment, resource requirement and timelines are discussed and finalized.

Diagnose: An analysis of the problem is carried out based on discussions with multiple stakeholders to gather diverse viewpoints.

Develop: In this stage possible alternative solutions are developed. The alternatives are presented and discussed with the client. Based on the choices made, actions are planned for implementation of the solution.

Deploy: This phase focusses on implementing the actions, providing required training and communicating to provide clarity.

Closure: This phase involves submission of final report, briefing final plans and follow-up actions.



Business Edge Strategic Solutions provides international quality learning and development solutions to build capability in business strategy, marketing and sales for companies operating in business to business manufacturing industries.

How it works?

BESS training programs are customized based on understanding the customer’s training needs and the expected impact of the training programs. The programs are conducted in workshop style. Case studies are given as pre-reading material. The workshop time is used by participants to understand and apply the tools and frameworks on the case studies. In addition, a real business case from the client organization is taken up so that participants can apply the learning to their own business situation.

For example, a training program on “Key Account Management” would have an actual Key Account Plan for one of the client’s key customers. The Plan can be taken up by the participant and his/her line manager for actual implementation.

Why Umesh Sharma

Umesh Sharma is on a mission to serve B2B manufacturing industries to build strategic leadership capability focused on customer value management. The mission is to help companies build and implement sustainable business strategies for profitable growth.


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